Håkan Östlundh



Shortly before midsummer a young couple is found shot - virtually executed - in a seaside cabin on the southern coast of Gotland. Both are Swedes, but of Egyptian origin. There is much to suggest that the attack is racially motivated.
     But soon the case becomes more complicated. An Egyptian passport is found in the cabin. There must have been a third person present who witnessed the couple's murder.
     But where is that man now? And why doesn't he come forward?
     Did the murderer shoot the wrong persons?
     The investigation proves difficult and demanding for the Visby police force, and in particular for detective Fredrik Broman, whose life lately has been chaotic to say the least; he has been kicked out of his own home by his wife.
     The Egyptian passport turns out to be but the first link in a strange and violent chain of events that goes on to shake the entire nation and topple the minister of justice.

“Swedish crime writing at its best”
    Ove Österman, UNT

“His novels are absorbing and topical, with keen depictions of characters and settings.”
    Per Åhlin, Östersundsposten

“The ending is unexpected and completely immoral”
    Tidningen Boken



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