Håkan Östlundh

Lawless Country


The cousins Viktor and Rafael have almost reached their goal: two million crowns safely stowed away in an account in a far-off country where no one asks any questions. It’s time to leave Sweden and the island of Gotland for good. But when the man who helped them smuggle in the Estonian amphetamines is found murdered, their dream of a life in the sun turns into a desperate struggle for survival on a cold November Gotland.
      Fredrik Broman and his colleagues at the Visby Police Department, their hands already full trying to unravel the mystery surrounding a body that was found in the municipal water tower, now have to conduct two parallel investigations. The evidence left behind by the ruthless murderer becomes increasingly clear. Will they crack the case in time, before more lives are lost?
      Meanwhile, as Fredrik grapples with these demanding investigations, he is forced to make a difficult career choice and an even more difficult decision at home: should the family continue to live on Gotland or not?
      Lawless Country is a gripping and exciting crime novel about the urge to break free and start a new life – whatever the cost.

“One of Håkan Östlundh’s best books, and one of this year’s most credible detective stories. It’s so thrilling you can’t stop reading.”
    Dagens Nyheter

“My favorite! An exciting, well-written story that actually made me feel affection for the young, clumsy criminals who are desperately trying to stay one step ahead of the police. I should characterize the book with one word it’s definitely credibility.”

“Håkan Östlundh has written an unusually dramatic story about disappointments and dark secrets. In his second Broman story, he masterfully combines literary quality, high voltage and fine human portraits.”
    Berner Bär, Switzerland

“Perhaps Östlundh's sharpest work so far, a murder story bleak and relentless as a rauk in a November rain.”



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