Håkan Östlundh

The Intruder


Family photos with eyes punched out. Scary letters without a sender’s name. Henrik Kjellander and Malin Andersson, who just moved to the island of Fårö, are puzzled when facing the threats affecting them and their children. Who wants to harm them?
      Fredrik Broman and his colleagues take the threats very seriously, but can still not rule out that it is all a tasteless joke. When the threats escalate and the couple’s daughter disappears, all doubts are gone. This is for real. And it is only the beginning…
     When the police pressure Henrik, a complicated family history is revealed. What really made him return to Gotland after his successful career as a photographer in Stockholm and internationally? Is it really someone on the barren island in the Baltic Sea that wants to harm the family, or does the threat come from elsewhere?
     The Intruder is an unusually thrilling and scary story about betrayal and dark secrets. For the fifth time we meet the Gotlandic policeman Fredrik Broman and as always Håkan Östlundh combines high literary quality with high end suspense and accurate personal portrays.

“Exceptionally thrilling […] A breath-taking read – Håkan Östlundh takes both style and plot to a level way above the ordinary crime novel.”
    Dagens Nyheter

“A thrilling story with a creepy feeling of unease that grows stronger and stronger as the harassments escalate.”



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